I’m Andrea from Crazy Fork and I’m a #WORLDCHANGER

This week on the #WORLDCHANGERS series, we speak to Andrea, a King’s College student who launched a new innovative platform, The Crazy Fork, where teenagers and grandparents can meet cooking online and create lasting memories, with the aim to keep company to the eldest and do something good for the community.

Andrea Rangone - Crazy Fork
Andrea Rangone – Crazy Fork Founder

Location: London

Current job: Kings College student

My favourite movie: Mamma mia

My comfort food: Pasta with tomato sauce

First of all, tell us a little about you 

I am a 17-year-old studying at Kings College School Wimbledon. I was born and raised in Milan, and we moved to London when I was 11 years old. Since I was a kid I have always loved watching my mom cook, and with time I began helping her as I was able to learn more about cooking

How you got the idea of Crazy Fork?

Crazy Fork is an idea that births from my love for cooking good food and the memories that stem from it with my grandparents before COVID and the wish to have a social impact on the community. I noticed lockdown has hit my grandparents and many like them especially hard, and whilst I was looking for a way to make them smile again during the lonely period, it struck me that the best way to keep them company was talking to them about their recipes and cooking with them online.

From the concept to the Crazy Fork launch how long did it take?

It took us a few months to develop the initial raw idea into a finished website, yet Crazy Fork is always a work in progress as we look to improve and reach more and more people. Lately, I have started a TikTok account to promote the website and its recipes. There have been many challenges throughout the process, and for me, the biggest challenge was trying to put constant work in the website alongside school and extra-curricular commitments.

Can you describe exactly how Crazy Fork works and in what is different from others recipes Blogs? 

Crazy Fork is no ordinary cooking website. At Crazy Fork, we encourage people to call their relatives who may be feeling lonely during these lockdowns and share some recipes you find on our website or ask them to share with you their traditional family recipes and cook together through a zoom or facetime call. This would allow you to keep them company as it gives an opportunity to talk to and see your relatives. And of course, we would love to receive the recipes you cooked together!

Crazy Fork is aimed at two far apart generations teenagers and grandparents, which of the two generations was more responsive

I think that the teenagers were more responsive especially on our TikTok platform as many showed they were keen to call up their grandparents and spend some time cooking with them.

Crazy Fork is a great example of how digital can help people to feel less lonely and create a bridge between two generations, do you know any other platform that does a similar job?

Sadly, I noticed that there are not many platforms around that actually encouraged reaching out to lonely people during this tough period. That is why I came up with Crazy Fork, as for what better way is there to spend some time together than cooking!

Generation Z is digitally native, do you believe that this has been an advantage for your generation?

I believe that for my generation it has been an advantage as it allows us to be more interconnected, and despite the negatives of social media, it has been seen recently that it can be used effectively to spread awareness on important matters. Additionally, there is a point to be made that the digital world disincentives personal interactions; however during this crisis, the importance of connectivity has really been key for the wellbeing of many people.

Andrea Rangone-Crazy fork
Andrea cooking online with his Granparents

Crazy Fork will put together a recipe book to help charities for the elderly; where can we buy the book?

I am planning to run a fundraiser in the next months in order to raise some money to publish a book in order to give the profits to charities for the elderly. The book will be made with recipes that were sent to us by our users. Check our platforms for more updates on the book!

How do you recharge? What do you do when you want to forget about school?

I love to travel with my family and I think it really gives me the opportunity to escape both physically and mentally from the stresses of school and examinations. When I am home, I love watching Juventus play and hanging out with my friends which is always a great way to recharge from a tiring full week.

Last but not least, a dream for your future?

When I was young I had always dreamed to maybe open up a restaurant sometime, as well as becoming a football manager!

You can follow The Crazy Fork on Tik Tok 

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