Google Data Analysis

Data Analysis is a key step for understanding how your channels are performing for optimizing your digital strategy.

The data analysis of your digital channels is a key element for the growth of any business or charity. It’s crucial before and after any digital investment, whatever is a new marketing plan or remaking the website/e-commerce check the data about visits on your Website/E-commerce and Social media insights and analyse how they are performing.

What can we do for you:

Web-site Data Analysis

  • Google Analytics set up and acquisition data check
  • Analysis of Audience – Who are your users?
    • Total users VS new users
    • Demographics
    • Geolocalization
    • Interests
  • Analysis of Acquisitions – How your users are arriving on your Website?
    • Organic traffic – What are the keywords your users look for?
    • Direct traffic – When users type your brand name
    • Social – Which profile is working best for you
    • Referral – What partners are driving traffic to your site
  • Analysis of Behaviour – What is your users’ journey on the Website?
    • Top pages views – which pages are the most visited
    • Average time spent on the page
    • Bounce rate
  • Create a Bespoke Dashboard with relevant data for your business

Social Media Insight Analysis, whatever is Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

  • Business account set up/check
  • Analysis of your followers
  • Analyse your impressions – posts
  • Analyse your engagement – posts and stories

After a deep analysis, we will cross the data and prepare our output report; this report will be your guideline for your Marketing & Brand Strategy and a thermometer on the actual performance of your channels.