Our Approach

We have developed a bespoke four-step approach to help businesses successfully navigate the digital transformation, optimise digital presence, increase Brand awareness and grow sales.

We Give Digital Services

We have developed a unique four-step approach to help businesses successfully navigate the digital transformation, optimise their digital presence, increase their Brand awareness and grow their sales.

Step 1: Digital Brand Audit

It’s a ‘digital health check’ of your Brand:

  1. We review your digital channels to understand if your message is clear, coherent
  2. We analyse the consistency of your Social Media profiles
  3. We check the UX of your website/e-commerce
  4. We check if your Brand is well represented
  5. We check If  your Social Responsibility resonates with your core
  6. We write a Brand Audit report about your digital presence with key recommendations

Step 2: Reposition your Brand

Based on your Digital Audit, we discuss your business targets in terms of sales and visibility, and we will help you to reposition your Brand to achieve the targets.

  1. We analyse your Business goals in terms of profitability and Brand awareness
  2. We analyse your actual clients and  followers and study your target clients
  3. We check what you have achieved with your existing clients and partners, and if you have one, with your sustainable plan
  4. We update/build a new website/e-commerce coherent with your new goals  
  5. We produce a Google Analitycs reports on visits to the new website studying the first three months

Step 3: Marketing Strategy

Based on the first two steps, it’s the development of a new marketing strategy, integrating all the analysis done in steps 1 and 2:

  1. We build a new Digital Marketing strategy
  2. We help you to communicate the new message/brand effectively and strategically
  3. We support you in establishing how to reach the right audience
  4. We set up Sales & Marketing goals and make them reachable with your new Marketing Strategy
  5. We write a Brand Guideline report with all the steps/ suggestions to put in place your new Marketing strategy

Step 4: Analyze and Optimize

Based on the previous three steps, it’s the periodic check of the efficiency of your marketing strategy:

  1. We analyse your Social channels insights
  2. We analyse your Google Analytics data 
  3. We value your sales
  4. We cross the data to check the performance  
  5. We work on SEO monthly to help you optimising your positioning
  6. We work on Content to assist you in optimise your positioning
  7. We do PPC when necessary to support the Brand to find new clients
  8. We do SM Campaign when essential to help the Brand to find new followers
  9. We produce a monthly report about where the Brand is and all the actions of the months we did to improve its Image / Position and sales