I’m Angela from Angela Wickstead Home and I’m a #WORLDCHANGER

This week on the #WORLDCHANGERS series, we speak to New Zeland-born Angela Wickstead, founder Angela Wickstead Home. a luxury sustainable brand that produces elegant bespoke homeware linens.

Angela Wickstead, founder of Angela Wickstead Home
Angela Wickstead, founder of Angela Wickstead Home

Location: South Kensington, London

Current job: Owner of Angela Wickstead Home

One word that best describes how you work: Passionately

Current mobile device: Iphone

Favourite website: MatchesFashion.com

First of all, tell us a little about your background and how you got to where you are today

I originally trained as an interior designer and then moved into fashion starting my own bespoke design company and stores. Then I moved to Italy from New Zealand in 1998.   When my daughter Emilia started her clothing company years later I came on board to assist in a number of areas.  After five years together I wanted to do something away from clothing and began working on building my new business from my home in Northern Italy.  I always loved beautiful linen and found very little quality product available on the market. For this reason I started to design and produce embroidered homeware linens with monograms and fully bespoke.

How can you define your business ethical/sustainable?

I wanted my business to be 100% sustainable, all  Italian made and from the best fabrics available, using only local artisan.  After two and a half years I am proud to say that the brand is successful and growing at a steady pace.

I work with Italian family run and artisan based companies who are also passionate about their work. I believe in the authenticity and quality of the product and therefore I am more interested in the way the product is made than the volumes produced. Attention to details is very important and key to my products.

Angela Wickstead - Set of four embroidered-border linen napkins
Angela Wickstead – Set of four embroidered-border linen napkins

What motivates you?

My passion motivates me to create unique and beautiful products together with the possibility to make someone’s life a little better. Making a difference to a person’s wellbeing gives me great satisfaction

Tell us about a moment when you knew that it was all worth the hard work

Clients continuously returning to buy my linens and commenting about the beautiful quality and difference it has made to their lives.

How does your company get involved with a cause or charity partner? 

I am personally involved with the charity NSPCC and I am in the early stages of working directly within schools and on ‘childline’ which is a helpline for victims. My company contributes to their fundraisers by donating products.

How do you recharge? What do you do when you want to forget about work?

I run … I live very close to Hyde Park (on purpose) so I am very fortunate to have this beautiful park to exercise in.

What book are you currently reading?

I am reading “The education of an idealist” by Samantha Power

What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

Absolutely nothing, life is a journey and I wouldn’t know what I know now if I had not experienced what I have so far.

You can follow Angela @angela_wickstead on Instagram

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