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Zaino Food Italian Importer

Zaino Food -The Authentic Italian Food Importer

Supplying restaurants and food-retails with the best Italian quality food.

The Brief

Zaino Food approached WGDS to develop a new platform with the possibility for the client to send orders online. At the same time, we worked together on the repositioning of the Brand, readjusting the Marketing strategy constantly working on SEO, Social Media and data analysis. Zaino Food UK works with many restaurants and pizzerias in London and South England and aims to expand its range of clients by attracting new food-related businesses.

The Project

The project had a phase 1, now concluded, and a phase 2 still ongoing.

Phase 1Brand analysis- New Platform Development

  • Brand Analysis
  • Market and target client analysis
  • Competitor’s analysis
  • New Platform Design & Development

Digital analysis and strategy – Website Design and Development

Following the Brand Analysis on both markets, as Zaino Food has a strong presence in Italy as well, we built a new website/e-commerce with the functionality to allow the clients to fill a basket and send an order:

  • Build a modern Digital Brand Identity
  • Design a new Website to match the new brand guidelines
  • Pictures Selection and Content optimisation
  • Develop a new Website with an efficient way to order online
  • SEO – finding the right keywords

Project’s Goals & Deliverables

Phase 1 of the project, WGSD team delivered:

  • A new platform
  • Marketing communications consistency 
  • Digital marketing guide report
  • Digital roadmap report

Phase 2Marketing Strategy & SEO Optimisation

  • SEO optimisation
  • Keywords search and optimisation
  • Monthly Google Analytics data report
  • Monthly Positioning data report – SEO
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Blog – please read some of the last posts

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